ich muss dich lassen

I have always thought that about the year 1500 would have been a wonderful time to be alive. Aside from not having rock music and contrivances with internal combustion engines, it was a time of extraordinary creativity in art and music. Never has Western history seen such a flowering of beautiful melody and song as occurred in the days of the early Renaissance. "Innsbruck" is one such song. It's simple words speak of sadness in leaving Innsbruch. (It's a beautiful place. I would be sad to leave, too.) It's simple melody touches the heart. Without knowing the exact meaning of the German words, the meaning of the song still rings clear in the music..


Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen,
ich fahr damin mein Strassen,
in fremde Land dahin

Mien Freud ist mir genommen,
die ich nit weiss bekommen,
wo ich im Elend bin.

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