An unusual collection -- folk songs from England, Ireland, Israel, Greece, and Armenia
and popular songs, lite jazz, and classical selections. Some are happy, some are sad,
but all help to keep the feathers unruffled and warm the soul.


- Track Listing -

1- "Colors of the Wind" - title theme from the film "Pocahontas"

2 - Pavan for eight recorders - Gervaise (1565)

3 - "The Bailiff's Daughter of Islington" - English Folk Song

4 - Dance Music from Renaissance Spain (1530)

5 - "The Nightingale" - Spanish Ladino Folk Song

6 - "Lark in the Clear Air" - Irish Folk Song

7 - "Garoun" - Armenian Folk Song

8 - "Italian Ground" - Baroque Theme and Variations (1702)

9 -"Lerikos" - Greek Folk Dance Melody

10 - "Petronella" - English Folk Melody

11 - Sonata for Two Recorders - Quantz (1732)

12 - "Ma Avarehk" - Israeli Folk Song

13 - "Scotch Mist" - Scottish Folk Melody

14 - Trio for the largest recorders - da la Torre (1500)

15 - "Today" by Randy Sparks - American Popular Song

16 - "Gray's Inn" - Theater Music of 17th Century England

17 - "Burton Ale" - English Folk Melody

18 - "Serenata" by Brian Bonsor - Light Jazz Composition


(you can listen to samples of all selections on the CD Baby web site)



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JIM has been playing woodwind instruments most of his life, beginning on the clarinet when he was eight. He has been teaching and performing on the recorder since 1961. He has studied recorder and early music with Dr. Carl Dolmetsch, jim, recorder icDr. George Houle, and Frans Bruggen. He received his education from Pomona College (B.A.,1962) and the University of Colorado (Ph.D.,1969).

Jim has played with the "Renaissance Consort" and the "Feld Sinfonietta" in Los Angeles, the "Collegium Musicum" of the University of Colorado, and the "Boulder Early Music Ensemble" in Colorado. He has taught recorder and Renaissance music through the University of Colorado and the Idyllwild Arts Foundation of the University of Southern California as well as privately.

Over the years, Jim has performed at community concerts, college campuses, elementary and secondary schools, gourmet restaurants, nursing homes, Sunday worship services, and home concerts.  Since retiring, he has been producing videos of private performances with his wife, Mindy, at their home in Veracruz, Mexico. While music from the Renaissance and Baroque periods is his first love, he also enjoys playing folk music from many countries, popular music, hymns, and occasionally light jazz.


recorder collectionJim has had a Recorder Music Listening Page on the Internet for 14 years. His most popular music videos on his YouTube channel have each recieved 8-10,000 views now.

Some of the accompaniments on this album have been arranged and synthesized on the computer by Jim. Others are being played by Mindy. Jim's wooden recorders shown at the right were made by Friedrich von Huene, H. C. Fehr, Hans Coolsma, and Andreas Glatt. The plastic instruments were made by Aulos.


mindy with cats in her lap

MINDY has a varied music background which includes piano lessons, singing in choirs and madrigal groups, and playing the recorder and the auto-harp. More recently, she has discovered a versatile, electronic version of her beloved auto-harp called the "Q Chord" which is being used on the recordings of this album. The Q Chord is a synthesizing instrument which can be made to sound like a guitar or harp, a piano or an organ, or many of the instruments of the orchestra.

Q Chord with blue backgroupdmindy playing Q Chord


"CHUMI" is Jim and Mindy's Golden Retriever, pictured on the cover of their album. He is one of five dogs (and four cats) that live with them in their little house on the slopes of a picturesque river valley in the tropics in Mexico. This video shows the gang at home and out on their daily runs down to the river and up the valley to a secluded mountain creek.


A Few Comments about
Jim's Recorder Performances
on YouTube and the New Album

WOW. Delicious!!

Beautiful song - sounds perfect - very calming.

You pick the most wonderful songs to play.

Superb!! Thank you very much!!

What a lovely performance, an absolute pleasure to listen to.
You are under-appreciated in this world.

Wonderful hearing the recorder played so well.

It reminds me of how the bible described David's playing. God Bless You.

Bravo - 5 stars!

Saludos, Reciba ud. mis más sinceras felicitaciones por su magistral interpretación
(Greetings, accept my sincere congratulations on this masterful interpretation)

We downloaded the album and played it, and frankly were blown away by it. 
It is a beautiful collection of music,
and is just so lovely to listen to.
Very calming, relaxing, enjoyable.


Jim: Music for Relaxation Featuring the Recorder

© 2012 by Jim Phypers