Vern and Raven arrived at their new home in the back seat of our car...

Very cute and friendly and affectionate they were, and a bit portly.
They are not overweight we are told, that's just the way Pygmy Goats are --
like "beer kegs on legs".

We built their 20' x 20' pen around a grand old Mesquite Tree
which gives the goaties plenty of shade.

The trunk is GREAT for rubbin' and scratchin' - something our friends do a LOT of.

Because we have so many predators in our very rural area (coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, and marauding dogs), we made the fence of the pen six feet high and also buried the wire a foot in the ground (coyotes and dogs of course are good diggers).

Of course the new grand goatie palace had to have a sign.

We made a simple A-frame shelter in the pen from concrete blocks,
two wooden pallets, and roofed with tin...

We also built a simple hay manger by modifying a wooden pallet.

Raven and Vern are very good friends!

Every night Mindy walks Vern and Raven over to our greenhouse
where we have made even safer quarters for them to sleep.

Ghost Cat who also spends the night in the greenhouse catching pack rats and mice,
just doesn't know what to make of the new kids on the block...

Our dogs love the goats and hang out around the pen all day and take naps as close up to the fence and their new friends as they can get. Whenever the dogs are close, Raven sometimes sticks her head through the fence and gets her face and ears washed!

Whatever we might be doing in their pen, we always have two eager "helpers" nudging up against us, wanting to be stroked and rubbed and told how wonderful they are... Note one slightly jealous pooch outside the fence wanting a little attention, too. Around here it's "Equal Pats For All".

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