- Part 3 -


"R-profile" 26 gauge "Galvalume Plus" metal sheets are installed onto the metal trusses.
A summer Monsoon storm approaches in the distance
(not a good place to be in a thunderstorm).


With the roof finished, the bare straw walls await
their first coat of adobe earthen plaster.

Window frames (bucks) were constructed to fit used windows already purchased, then the straw bale walls were built around them. Installation of the actual windows was very quick...

Rough plumbing of the drains for sinks,
toilets, and tub/shower

A radiant foil barrier installed underneath the metal roof sheets
reflects out 95% of the radiant energy of the sun.

Recycled natural cotton fiber insulation was installed in the attic space to a depth of 10 inches (R-32). This material consists of left-over scraps from the making of blue jeans. It is called "Ultra Touch" and manufactured by Bonded Logic in Chandler, Arizona. Not only is "Ultra Touch" a recycled product but it is much easier to work with than traditional fiber glass -- no gloves are required to install it. "Ultra Touch" does not have the tiny particles which fiber glass has which get into the lungs and cause serious health problems. Bonded Logic now also makes blown cellulose as well as a natural cotton radiant barrier.


A clay slip is sprayed on the bales in preparation for the first coat of earthen plaster. A standard sheetrock texture gun is being used.


During our first plastering workshop, we bagan to apply the base
or scratch coat of plaster consisting of high clay content soil,
a little dirt from our yard, chopped straw, lime, and water.


Colored bottles are being placed over doors and windows - "stained glass on a budget". They are mortared in with a mixture of cement, sand, and peat moss known as "Tufa Stone". The Tufa Stone mixture is wonderful sltuff as it can be easily sculpted and molded around the bottles.


The outside walls were fully plastered with a base coat of
adobe earthen plaster - a very labor intensive process.
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Straw bale walls shot with lime stucco and ferrous sulfate coloring -
Adobe block floor installed with a radiant heating system


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