Background in Music:

Jim Phypers has been playing woodwind instruments most of his life, beginning on the clarinet when he was eight. He has been teaching and performing on the recorder since 1961. He has studied recorder and early music with Dr. Carl Dolmetsch, Dr. George Houle, and Frans Bruggen. He received his education from Pomona College (B.A., 1962) and the University of Colorado (Ph.D., 1969).

He has played with the "Renaissance Consort" and the "Feld Sinfonietta" in Los Angeles, the "Collegium Musicum" of the University of Colorado, and the "Boulder Early Music Ensemble" in Colorado. He has taught recorder and Renaissance music through the University of Colorado and the Idyllwild Arts Foundation of the University of Southern California as well as privately. He produces his own accompaniments on the computer and uses these occassionally when performing.

Over the years, Mr. Phypers has performed at college campuses, community concerts, elementary and secondary schools, gourmet restaurants, nursing homes, Sunday worship services, and home concerts.  Since retiring, he has been producing videos of private performances at his home in Mexico.  While music from the Renaissance and Baroque periods is his first love, he also enjoys playing folk music, popular music, light jazz, and hymns. 

Mr. Phypers plays instruments made by Friedrich von Huene (alto in grenadilla), Conrad Fehr (alto in tulipwood, base in rosewood), Hans Coolsma (Aura tenor), and Andreas Glatt (copy in boxwood of an original soprano recorder at A-396 made by Terton in 1730). In addition to the recorder, Mr. Phypers also plays a few Renaissance wind instruments including crumhorn, kortholt, rauschpfeife, and gemshorn.

"The Early Years"

Jim Phypers is now retired with his wife, Mindy, in a small town in rural Veracruz, Mexico.
They have a channel on YouTube with several videos they have made of what life is like there.

Jim and Mindy lived formerly In the desert foothills west of Tucson, Arizona were they built
a straw bale house and were generating all of their electricity with solar and wind power.

B.A. in history, Ph.D. in psychology

Married to a most wonderful and remarkable lady for 31 years.

    What I used to do:

Professional clinical psychologist -- "retired" at age 41
to devote full energies to performing and teaching on the recorder
and to living simply and as close to the natural world as possible.

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